Where is the answer to my anonymous question?

Using Dr. Q&A HealthTap members send in questions from all over the world, but not every question receives an answer. We may remove a question from the queue if the question seem to violate HealthTap’s Terms of Use agreement. 

The following reasons could be why your question was removed and/or could not be answered:

  • Lists test results or symptoms and is asking for a diagnosis. This should instead be asked inside a HealthTap video visit or to your in-person doctor.
  • Asks for advice on how to take your medication or treat your condition. This also should be asked inside a HealthTap video visit or to your in-person doctor.
  • Is hard to understand or sounds like a complex medical situation. Questions posted on our free public Q&A feature should be easy to understand by other viewers, and be about simple health or wellness topics.
  • Asks about the same thing that you already asked about. HealthTap doctors select which questions they volunteer to answer, and prefer not to answer the same or similar question repeated by the same asker.
  • Has too many abbreviations or poor grammar or spelling. Abbreviations can be confusing and mean more than one thing, so should be avoided. Good English grammar and spelling help make a question readable by all viewers.
  • Includes a person’s name or a link. Do not include your name, names of other people, or a HealthTap doctor’s name. Your question should have no names or other personally identifiable information. Do not link your question to an image or a website.
  • Seems to be asked by a person under age 16 years. Our doctors avoid questions asked by children under the age of 16. We want parents or other helpful adults to ask questions on behalf of children.
  • Asks for help on using HealthTap's online clinic, video visits, appointment fees, or payments. You should send a message to HealthTap Support for assistance, however, Support team does not offer healthcare or medical advice. Please note our free public Q&A feature is not related to HealthTap’s online clinic and not monitored by HealthTap Support.

For best practices when asking anonymous questions, please visit here


Please Note:

  • Answers are provided for informational purposes only and are NOT intended to be used for individual diagnosis, treatment, prescription or to be a conversation between a patient and a doctor. In case of medical emergencies, please dial 911 (or your local emergency number) or proceed to the nearest emergency room.