How do I ask an anonymous question?

Using Dr. Q&A you are welcome to ask a free general health-related question to our trusted doctors anonymously. Please submit your question, and a doctor will typically get back to you within a day. 

By following these guidelines, you'll help ensure that your question is positioned for the best possible answer from our dedicated team of doctors. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making HealthTap a valuable resource for everyone:

  • Avoid Seeking Diagnoses or Treatment Plans: If your question lists symptoms or test results and seeks a diagnosis, or if you're asking for advice on medication or treatment, these are best addressed in a more private setting. We recommend scheduling a HealthTap video visit or consulting with your in-person doctor for personalized medical advice.
  • Keep It Simple and Clear: Ensure your question is easy to understand and focuses on straightforward health or wellness topics. If your question seems too complex or is hard to understand for the average reader, consider simplifying it.
  • Privacy Matters: Please do not include any personal names, including yours or any HealthTap doctor's name, and refrain from adding links to images or websites. Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.
  • One Question at a Time: If you find yourself asking about the same issue repeatedly, please note that our doctors prefer to address new questions. This helps in providing diverse and comprehensive support to all users.
  • Use Standard English: To make your question accessible to all users and doctors, avoid using too many abbreviations and strive for correct grammar and spelling. Clear and concise questions are more likely to receive prompt and accurate answers.
  • Age Consideration: If you're younger than 16 years old we kindly ask for a parent or guardian to submit the question on your behalf.
  • Technical Support Queries: For assistance with using HealthTap's online clinic, video visits, or any questions related to fees and payments, you should send a message to HealthTap Support, however, Support team does not offer healthcare or medical advice. Please note our free public Q&A feature is not related to HealthTap’s online clinic and not monitored by HealthTap Support.

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