How do I get in contact with HealthTap?

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our HealthTap Member Support team; we are always happy to help!  

For general inquiry or technical issue questions: 

  • Please send us a message from your computer or mobile device. For urgent inquiries, you can call us at (650) 376-6110. HealthTap Member Support team is available 9 AM - 8 PM PST every day.

For medical questions:

  • Please create a HealthTap account by downloading the HealthTap app via the App Store or Google Play or access through your web browser to send a medical question to a HealthTap doctor.

Please include the following information when you reach out:

    1. A description of your issue.
    2. The best phone number at which to contact you.
    3. For technical issue, please provide the following information for us so that we can better understand your experience:
      • Screenshots or videos of the problem. 
      • Error messages or console errors. 
      • The type of device you are using (computer, smartphone, etc.).
      • The brand of the device (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.).
      • The model of the device.
      • If you are using a smartphone, whether you are using the HealthTap app or a mobile web browser.
      • If you are using the HealthTap app, which version of the app you are using.
      • If you are using a computer, which web browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc.).

Please Note:

  • HealthTap Member Support team is unable to provide medical care or advice. All medical care up to and including prescribing of medications, ordering labs, writing Doctor's Notes, and/or referring to specialists (referral recommendations) is at the doctor's discretion.
  •  Using Doctor Q&A, you are welcome to submit a free, anonymous general health-related question by creating or logging into your free HealthTap account, and selecting Ask Doctors Your Question.