How do I ask an anonymous question?

Using Doctor Q&A, you are welcome to submit a free, anonymous general health-related question. Submit your question, and a doctor will typically get back to you within 24 hours or less.

Please consider the following before posting a health-related question:

  • The answers are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be used for individual diagnosis, treatment, or prescription. You can arrange a virtual visit to talk to a HealthTap doctor. Call your local emergency service or 911 right away for any possible or real medical issues.
  • Doctor Q&A is intended for general health questions and is not intended to be a conversation between a patient and a doctor. Please think about scheduling a virtual appointment on HealthTap or an in-person visit if you want to talk to a doctor about a specific health issue.
  • When you use Doctor Q&A to ask a question, our doctors usually respond within 24 hours or less. If your question is incomplete, difficult for the doctors to comprehend, better suited for conversation in a virtual visit, or for any other reason, your response may be delayed, you may be requested to revise your question, or you may receive no response at all.
  • Both HealthTap members and doctors can view the questions and responses. As a result, please refrain from using any personally identifying information, such as your name, address, location, phone number, email address, or any other information that can be used to identify you.

To post a general health-related question:

  1. Log into your HealthTap account
  2. From the HealthTap main menu, choose "Free Doctor Wisdom" and then select "Ask Doctors Anonymously."


3. Start by choosing one of the circular symbols to indicate who the question is for:


4. Enter your question in the space provided for text. Please keep in mind that your question must be at least 14 characters long and no more than 250 characters long.

5. After you have entered your query, select "Next."

6. In the event that a doctor has already responded to your issue, please look over questions that are similar to yours that are already posted on HealthTap. If you still want to ask your question, click "Post Question."

7. If your question was successfully submitted, you will see a confirmation saying, "Your query has been sent to our doctors!"

8. A notification will be sent to you once your question has been addressed. You can check the response by:

  • Choosing "Read the answer" from the associated notification. 
  • Going to your main menu, choosing "My Care," then "Health Q&A," and clicking on the question you want to see the answer to.


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