How do I grant access to Camera and Microphone on Chrome (Android phone)?


To have a video doctor visit with video on an Android phone (Chrome), you need to provide access to your Camera and Microphone.

To allow access to your Camera and Microphone:

  1. You will be asked to grant access to “Camera” and “Microphone” before you start your video doctor visit

  2. Tap “Allow” to grant access



  1. Please note that if you do NOT granted access to “Camera” and “Microphone” you will be BLOCKED from starting the video doctor visit
  2. To start allowing access, follow these steps to allow HealthTap to access your “Camera” and “Microphone”

                a. Tap the “Lock” icon in the address/URL bar to open “Browser Settings.” You can find                                     the web address/URL bar either on the top or bottom of the Chrome screen


              b. Tap on  “Permissions” to change “Camera” and “Microphone” permissions.


             c. Switch the “Microphone” and “Camera” options to “ON” as shown below. This indicates                               that you have granted permissions to the HealthTap


Tap the “Ok, Check again” button OR reload the page. You will now be able to join the video                       doctor visit


Please Note: