Does HealthTap provide specialty care?

No! While HealthTap doctors provide care for a wide variety of medical needs, specialty care is NOT available on HealthTap, so our patients are encouraged to see specialists outside of HealthTap, either online or in-person as recommended.

For example, our doctors can take care of mild asthma patients but persons with more complex asthma will get some of their care from Asthma specialists outside of HealthTap. Likewise, our doctors can take care of many types of birth control pill needs, but patients sometimes go to Ob-Gyn specialists outside of HealthTap, to get Pap smears and breast exams.

Please Note:

  • HealthTap patients generally can get much of their care online from our doctors, but there will be some medical needs that require specialty care or in-person care outside of HealthTap.
  • HealthTap doctors can recommend specialist or in-person care whenever it is clinically appropriate. You can then book an appointment with a specialist near you of your choice.