How does HealthTap assist with COVID-19?

What does HealthTap offer to help patients who are worried about COVID-19?

  • Video chat with the first available doctor -- including evenings, weekends, and holidays with HealthTap Urgent Care.
  • Hundreds of searchable Doctor Q&A about COVID-19
  • A free, automated symptom checker to assess flu-like symptoms and triage the likelihood of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 care guide for prevention, management, self-quarantine, caregivers, and management for high-risk individuals.

What are the COVID-19 related Care Guides?

After a COVID-19 related visit, a doctor may assign you one of our COVID-19 Care Guides. These Care Guides are updated daily with guidance from the CDC and WHO and include the following topics:

  • Resources for managing COVID-19
  • Caregiver’s guide for COVID-19
  • Preventing COVID-19
  • Preventing COVID-19 for seniors or those with chronic medical conditions
  • Self-quarantine guide

“HealthTap is in a unique position to help because of the generosity of volunteer doctors, the fact that our product is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and our ability to match patients with doctors...Volunteering to provide virtual care with HealthTap is a way for doctors to do tremendous good in a time of crisis, especially for those doctors who aren’t able to work at a clinic or hospital.” 

- Geoff Rutledge, M.D. (Chief Medical Officer of HealthTap)