Can my HealthTap doctor order a lab test for me?

Yes! When judged medically necessary, HealthTap doctors can prescribe lab testing. HealthTap and Quest Diagnostics are working together to offer common blood tests, white blood cell counts, and even gene-based and molecular diagnostics. 

The lab tests that the HealthTap doctor ordered are listed in the Summary Note of your virtual visit. You will have the choice to schedule an appointment at a Quest Diagnostics location that is convenient for you after the lab tests have been ordered and displayed in the Summary Note. Most likely, a secure account creation or logging in will be required.

Your HealthTap Visit Transcript will contain all lab test details. 

When the results are ready and available for your HealthTap doctor to review, you will be notified by email/SMS message as well as on your HealthTap account so you can discuss the results with your doctor and create a plan.

Please Note: 

  • Through HealthTap, a virtual doctor visit is the only method to ask for a lab test. The decision to request a lab test, however, is up to the doctor.
  • At this time, ordering imaging tests like X-ray or an MRI through HealthTap is NOT possible.
  • You will pay the lab with cash or insurance when you arrive at Quest Diagnostics or any other lab facility.