How Can I Get Quest Diagnostics Lab Orders Done?

After completing your HealthTap virtual visit, your consulting doctor orders lab tests through the virtual visit Summary Note which is automatically sent to Quest Diagnostics. For appointments, you will be redirected to schedule it directly on the Quest Diagnostics website.

When the results are ready and available for your HealthTap doctor to review, you will be notified by email/SMS message as well as on your HealthTap account so you can discuss the results with your doctor and create a plan.

Please follow the steps below to schedule a lab test at a Quest Diagnostics location:

  1. Log into your HealthTap Account
  2. Select "My Care" 
  3. Select "Visits"
  4. Select your recent virtual visit in which a doctor ordered lab tests for you
  5. In your visit transcript, scroll down to the Labs that are listed and select “Schedule lab test” where you will be redirected to the Quest Diagnostics website
  6. Select the “All Other Tests” option
  7. Input your Zip Code to find a nearby testing location
  8. Select a date to view which time slots are available at the location of your choice
  9. Choose your time slot then select “Continue” 
  10. Provide the requested patient information then select "Continue"
  11. Provide your insurance information (if applicable) then select "Review Details" or select "Provide later"
  12. Review appointment details then select “Schedule Appointment”  
  13. Arrive for your appointment at the confirmed locationdate, and time.
  14. When the results are available, you and the consulting doctor will receive a notification in your HealthTap account as well as an email/SMS message.


Please Note:

  • In case Quest Diagnostic does NOT have your order or you need any further assistance setting up your appointment, please submit a request to Member Support Team.
  • Through HealthTap, a virtual doctor visit is the only method to ask for a lab test. The decision to request a lab test, however, is up to the doctor.
  • At this time, ordering imaging tests like X-ray or an MRI through HealthTap is NOT possible.
  • You will pay the lab with cash or insurance when you arrive at Quest Diagnostics.