Why is my prescription not at the pharmacy yet?

If your HealthTap doctor writes you a prescription, you will receive an email, text or push notification with a link to confirm your pharmacy. Patients have a 2 hour window to save up to 75% on prescriptions, so check to make sure you have the best price before this window closes. Otherwise HealthTap will automatically send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy. 

If you see the "Confirm your pharmacy" tile on the home screen, you still have time to select which pharmacy you would like your prescription sent to. 

You have the opportunity to choose between your preferred pharmacy or a pharmacy that has a better deal through the HealthTap drug discount program. 


In order to redeem your discount coupon, first select "Confirm pharmacy" from your visit transcript


A list of pharmacies will appear based on your location. Your preferred pharmacy will always appear as the first option. However, the cheapest option will be labeled "Best Deal", which may or may not be your preferred pharmacy. 

Select "Choose" once you find the pharmacy that works best for you. 


After you choose your pharmacy, select, "Send my prescription". You will receive a notification that your prescription has been sent to the pharmacy, as well as an option to view your coupon. To apply the discount, present the coupon to your pharmacy when you arrive.


Select "View Coupon" from your visit transcript to redeem your discount coupon


Screenshot, email, print, text or copy your discount coupon to your files and present it to your pharmacy. 


If a pharmacy gets a rejection message when running the discount coupon, ensure they are entering the BIN, PCN, RxGroup, and Member ID exactly as shown on the discount coupon. 

Confirm the coupon is being run outside of insurance as primary. If the pharmacy continues to get a rejection message, please reach out to the ScriptHero support team by email at help@scripthero.com.  

The ScriptHero support team will contact you and work with the pharmacy to troubleshoot, if needed.



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