What kind of doctors are on HealthTap?

HealthTap has a network of more than 90,000 U.S.-based, board-certified doctors. HealthTap doctors go through a rigorous training and credentialing program prior to providing virtual doctor visits. The doctors who provide virtual visits are U.S.-based and board-certified in primary care. 

HealthTap doctors who provide virtual doctor visits must be board-certified in Primary Care, with an unrestricted, active medical license in good standing. Many have board certifications in other specialties. Urgent Care doctors agree to treat patients one year and older.

Doctors who answer Doctor Q&A must have an unrestricted, active medical license in good standing. HealthTap doctors come from all specialties and practice settings, including private practice, health-maintenance organizations, and premiere academic settings like Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medicine, and Mayo Clinic.

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