How do I get in contact with HealthTap?

For medical questions:

  • Create a HealthTap account by downloading the HealthTap app via the App Store or Google Play or accessing through your web browser to send a medical inquiry to a HealthTap doctor.

For technical or general service questions: 

If you need any assistance, please contact our Support team as we are always more than happy to help! All support related inquiries can be addressed by sending us a message. For time-sensitive inquiries only, you can call us at 1 (650) 376-6110 (Member Support phone hours are 9 AM PT to 7:30 PM PT).

We ask that you please include the following information when you reach out:

    1. The best number at which to contact you.
    2. A description of your issue.
    3. If your issue is technical in nature, it’s extremely helpful for us to know:
      • The type of device you are using (computer, smartphone, etc.).
      • The brand of the device (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.).
      • The model of the device.
      • If you are using a smartphone, whether you are using the HealthTap app or a mobile web browser.
      • If you are using the HealthTap app, which version of the app you are using.
      • If you are using a computer, which web browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Please note: Customer Support will not answer health-related questions. You can submit health questions using Doctor Q&A. Just create or log into your free HealthTap account, and select Ask Doctors Your Question. 

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