How do I apply my insurance to cover the cost of the copay?

We accept hundreds of out-of-network insurance plans around the country and in-network Medicare for doctor visit fees. We also accept almost all HSA/FSA cards. At this time, most insurance companies do NOT pay for membership fees, just doctor visits. We currently do NOT accept Medicaid.

How does HealthTap work with my insurance company?

Please note HealthTap does NOT decide anything about your coverage; we just relay information from your insurance company. It is up to your insurance plan (and how much of your deductible you have remaining) to determine how much of your HealthTap visit will be covered.

HeathTap may work with your insurance company to cover all or a portion of certain fees for services related to the virtual visit and in some cases HealthTap may receive payment from your insurance company. Before each visit, we will check with your insurance company to give you an estimate in real time. We will submit any claims to your insurance company, and will only charge you up front for the part we think your insurance will not cover. 

You are ultimately responsible for all copayments, coinsurance, deductibles fees, for uncovered services and unpaid fees incurred by your use of the services, including an instance where your insurance fails to cover or denies coverage for such fees.

HealthTap has no obligation or responsibility to recover such fees directly from your insurance company, and will NOT be liable to you or your insurance company for any dispute regarding coverage.

Why don’t you offer Primary Care as part of HealthTap free membership so I can use my insurance?

We are accepting insurance for Urgent Care and Primary Care visits for HealthTap subscribers. In the future, we might add Primary Care to the HealthTap free membership. Stay tuned!

Will my insurance company cover my prescription?

Although HealthTap doctors can prescribe medication whenever it is clinically appropriate at the their discretion except controlled substances, HealthTap generally does NOT work with your insurance company to cover the cost of prescriptions. Your insurance company will work with your preferred pharmacy in which case your insurance company may cover all or a portion of fees associated with your prescription.

If you need additional help, have any questions about your plan, or require assistance, please submit a request to Member Support Team. 


Please Note:

  • The cost of prescriptions, lab tests, or in-person doctor visits are NOT included in the cost of the HealthTap subscription or virtual visit.